Daddy Worx . . .

My name is Susan. My Daddy’s name is Luke.

Today is Father’s Day, and it so happens that it has been five years since Daddy died.

Daddy was a software consultant and the name of his company name was itWorx. He said he liked the name because he learned in history about Alexander Graham Bell answering the phone the first time it rang and exclaiming, “It works!”

Daddy and I were able to spend lots of time together the year before he died and one of the things we worked on was a website. We never really got very far with it, but I’ve maintained the domain name. Today I’m launching back into it and my plan is to blog about things that I personally know work. Perhaps the site will grow one day into something a little more than that, since I don’t try out a whole lot of things.

The important thing for me right now is to honor my Daddy on Father’s Day by doing something productive with his company name and website.

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